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World’s Best Car Manufacturers All Are Around!!! – EV i Power
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World’s Best Car Manufacturers All Are Around!!!

An electric car is a plug-in automobile that is boosted by one or more electrical batteries, consuming energy which is stockpiled in rechargeable batteries.

Electric cars are considered a serious investment. They are not as ordinary as a gasoline-powered car. Due to this, it is supposed to be taken dangerous, and electric vehicles are considered to be respected in the car industry.

There are many different electric car manufacturers. Tesla is a famous car manufacturing company. It is well known for producing cutting edge vehicles with high quality. 

Tesla vehicles also consist of some creative features. Few of the most famous Tesla vehicles are:

•    Tesla Model X

•    Tesla Model S

•    Tesla Model 3

BMW—Electric Vehicle

BMW is also entered into the electric vehicle business to produce luxurious cars. BMW i3 is a public electric car that is manufactured by BMW.

Ford –Electric Vehicle


Ford is another company which is involved in the business of producing vehicles. Ford Focus Electric vehicle is well-known and is the leading electric car of Ford.

Kia—Electric Company

Kia is yet another car manufacturing company from Korea. It emerges as a reliable and reasonable company to rival companies like Honda.

There are other electric car manufacturers as well which are Volkswagen, Chevrolet, and Nissan.

They are all considered to be one of the great manufacturers and can also be one of the best options if ever thought about buying electric cars.

BYD – Electric Vehicle Company 

There is a famous company known as BYD. This company resides in China. It’s entirely possible that you have never heard of it. It is run by the prior battery engineer but stays under the radar. The electric cars they manufacture are not available in the world’s largest market. The company name is considered as a random sequence of alphabets. But, now they called it BYD as “Build Your Dreams.” This car manufacturer company started with manufacturing powered cars use gasoline. Later, it turns to electric vehicles manufacturing. It was come into being in 1995 and is now a successful manufacturing company.

Electric car companies are not trying to sell their product (electric car). The problem is that they do not know themselves that much about electric vehicles. Professionals and advocates have consistently found that manufacturers and dealers put too little effort to sell their cars.

Sierra Club dealership 

Sierra Club (Environmental organization in the United States) sent some volunteers to do dealerships to get some experience for shopping an electric car. But, the result was as dismal as can be imagined. Most of the car dealers provide too little to sell their electric vehicles. Those drivers who want to buy an electric car are not satisfied as compared to those who are looking for conventional vehicles. There is another factor as electric cars do not need that much maintenance as much as any traditional vehicle does.

China’s contribution to Electric cars

China is considered to be the world’s biggest market for electric vehicles. All manufacturers from global to domestic level need to meet minimum requirements to produce new energy cars. It is also coming to the scene that the leaders of China want to sell around 7 million vehicles by 2025 every year or at least 20% of the whole.

Even though electric vehicles are at a tiny percentage of worldwide sales, car manufacturer companies have made some significant investments for it. The electric cars that are hoped to be on the roads by 2025 or before are as follows:

•    Porsche Taycan

•    Volkswagen I.D. Crozz

•    Nissan Leaf

•    Aston Martin Rapide

•    Tesla Model Y

•    Mercedes-Benz EQS

•    Nissan IDS

•    Volvo Polestar 2

•    Volvo XC40

They are all going to be electric cars and are considered a good option if you ever thought of getting such luxurious vehicles.

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