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Why your Electric Charger needs EVSE – EV i Power

Why your Electric Charger needs EVSE

The electric car has evolved over the years and experienced many limitations too. The engineers have keep up their efforts to improve it and ensure it is stable enough to replace the fuelled machines for good. This is a commitment to the preparations of an approaching post-oil era. Oil is not only polluting and destroying our environment by emitting millions of tons of carbon dioxide gas to our atmosphere but also depleting. Soon there will be no enough oil to power the demands of consumption around the world. Burning oil is soon going to be a thing of the past.

Charging Electric Cars

Originally, cars needed to be plugged in specific special outlet and not to any electrical outlets for charging. However, with advanced with technology and just like other devices today, the owner can plug-in just about anywhere to re-charge. Thanks to advancement in ingenuity and newest technologies, there are more options for charging that ever imagined. Buying special chargers gives old cars (such as the Toyota RAv4 EV) to plug into a 240V, 50A industrial outlet.


This is protocol to help keep your electric car safe while charging. You want the recommended charging current, which should be based on specifications of the manufacture. They use two-way communication to establish this connection for maintaining the maximum current receivable by the car. This means there is a safety lock-out to prevent current form flowing when the charger is not connected to the car. Other precautionary measures include cut-outs in case the charge is not properly inserted. The biggest advantage is that EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) can detect hardware faults, disconnect the power and prevent battery damage, shorts, or fires (in a worst case scenario).

No need for User Input

There is no more need to manually adjust the charger for the appropriate power into the car. You no longer need to worry about damaging your car or overcharging at any point with the EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment). Even the smartest electric cars such as the Tesla’s 2011 Roadster may recall charging limits using GPS but owners still need to enter applicable limits during charging in new locations. Every first-time charging location may supply less than the charge cable pulls. With EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment), however, there is adequate communication with your car. EVSE eliminates the need for manual input beyond plugging in the J1772 connector in. The charger takes care of the rest of the issues you need.

Working without the EVSE

Although you risk putting your car in harm’s way, you can maintain manual operations especially if you are sure you consistently use a particular charging station. Some cars will allow charge using level2 240v chargers so you can charge and lower rates (110V, 15A supply)

Conversion boxes

This is next technology in-waiting. Soon there will be increased demand for conversion boxes to allow charging your electric car form any power outlet. All you will need to do is spoof the EVSE chargers in locations where the car chargers may not be of use. Some enterprising companies are developing this technology, which has already worked on several other devices and bigger machines already.

Simplicity through Complexity

Some owners of electric vehicles still view the EVSE chargers as unnecessarily expensive. They argue that it is the complex way of maintaining cars by charging. There are simpler ways for customers to charger their electric cars. Although this is factual, the low cost and effort of basic charging poses higher risks to durability of your car. You will be risking damaging your car at one point because you never know when the power will surge or when your car charging system will fail.


EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) offers many safety features for owners of electric cars to benefit from. They prevent unauthorized access to electric vehicle charging stations to non-electric car uses. They ensure that the electric car charging points are quick, easy, and safe for use as we prepare to replace the fuelled cars for god. Bidding farewell to oil use will not be easy until we actually run out of oil, seemingly.

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