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Why You Should Own an Electric Bike

Even before my college graduation, I had already received a gift that turns out to be the most useful resource in my world today.

My dad bought me an electric bike!

I wasn’t sure why of all things in the world he would think am still interested in bike adventures. At the time, I had all the big career ambitions and looking forward to moving out to my own apartment and hopefully buy my first car. A bike was the last thing in my mind. I mean where was I supposed to go with a bike when am looking forward to work-home lifestyle?

But as the years roll by, I come to reality of how age is linked to wisdom. My dad knew that few years down the line I would need a convenient means to go to work and an easy way to exercise. Today, exercise bicycles are not only a style but also a necessity, especially if you are living in the city. Irrespective of your age and location, you need a convenient and efficient means of getting to work or the grocery.

Here are some reasons why you should own an electric bike;


The obvious reason of owning a bike is beating traffic. If you are leaving in a city, you know how the peak hours can be frustrating. You have to factor this in on your daily schedule. Depending on your location, most people waste at least 20 minutes in traffic every day. With an electric bike, you can use alternative routes and make it to the office or class much faster. If there is urgency to get to the grocery, you can do it in minutes.


With a car, you have to find parking space. Bicycles are flexible; as long as your stand is working properly, you can park it anywhere and go on with your activities. All you need to check is security of your parking spot. Even with designated bicycle parking areas, they are never full. You won’t have headache with finding a suitable parking spot.


As opposed to common belief, bikes are safe. The few reported cases are on collision with cars on intersections. Otherwise, bicycles are safe. The fact that you cannot speed to uncontrollable speeds, the risk level is low. Road carnages that attribute to high mortality rate barely involve bicycles. Actually, cyclists evade most collisions. Besides accidents, cycling is not linked to hijackings and any crimes like other means of transport.


If you are on your first job and you need to be independent instead of expecting a friend, sibling, or parent to drop you every day, a bicycle is a great option. It offers the same convenience and efficiency like a car in the city. After all, at this point convenience and efficiency should be your primary concern. To buy a car, you would need to save for at least 10 months where you have to sacrifice lots of fun and spice of life. Don’t hide in the “delayed gratitude” analogy because you can get the same value, much faster at a lower cost.

Besides the initial cost, cars have a higher maintenance cost as compared to electric bicycles. Fuel and repair costs are negligible with bicycles. Actually, a car and electric bicycle should not be compared in terms of cost. Cars also tend to depreciate faster than bicycles. You will be better off with an electric bike if you need the convenience and efficiency but on a low budget.



You probably did not expect this! Excess weight and obesity is a major health concern in the 21st century. Most people have to subscribe to the gym or deprive themselves of certain foods to cut on weight. If you are not yet affected by the overweight syndrome or already struggling with weight, this is an easy technique to shed off pounds. Let’s face it, it is never easy to exercise because it is straining your muscles. Some people give up after the first few days at the gym. An electric bike motivates you, it is not that strenuous when going uphill.

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