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Why You Should Buy a Used Electric Car – EV i Power
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Why You Should Buy a Used Electric Car

The Tesla models were a definition of the beautiful and high-tech vehicles in the industry. The convenience and benefits of EVs cannot be overstated.

An electric vehicle was first on the road only 2 years back; the cars are still on the infancy. However, most manufacturers have taken up the challenge and integrated their experience and car building skills to make efficient and reliable EVs.

You should own one but for the right reasons. First, have a clear understanding on what you are going into and how it will influence your finances and driving experience before shopping for cheap electric cars.

Why buy an electric car?

To most people, cost saving is the main motivation. The maintenance cost is probably more than half as compared to ICE car maintenance costs. Petrol price fluctuates widely and even when they are stable, they are much higher than recharging a car. Whether you have a home EV recharge station or pay every time at a local station, you will spend much less on maintenance.

Additionally, you don’t need to replace engine oil or brake pads every time. Regenerative braking system of EVs makes them efficient and convenient for all types of users. If you are after convenience and cost savings, an EV won’t disappoint.

And the obvious reason EVs are gaining popularity is because of the environmental sustainability. Carbon emissions are a major cause of pollution, which is a concern in the 21st century. EVs do not have exhaust hence zero emission, it is a good thing for the environment. At least a step towards protecting our environment; however, this is only a local solution.

Depending on where you stay, mode of electricity production can be a source of pollution. Carbon emission is not only on the product but also in the manufacturing process. Nevertheless, EV manufacturers are working towards low pollutant energy sources to deal with the environmental issue. Actually, it is the only issue with EVs. Apart from this, electric cars are clean and efficient.

Performance is not a question with these cars. In fact, initial acceleration is way above internal combustion engine cars. The kinetic energy force as basis of braking and acceleration attributes to the high performance level of the cars.

Other benefits of owning an electric car include tax breaks, subsidies, and high horsepower. Consumer world is already crazy with the innovation for all the right reasons.

Why buy used?

It has been close to 3 years with EVs in the market and a lot of other brands and new models are still in the manufacturing line. Let’s be honest, you may not afford a new EV. Some car manufacturers are on their first car meaning it has all the right features. Testing of car models does not coincide with price. First owners of EVs had and are stills pending lots of cash to acquire one. It is better to go for a used model.

The cars are powerful, cost efficient, and convenient hence the high market rating. Once you have driven one, you won’t think about an ICE again. Just like with any new product, there will be new versions with enhancements that will automatically attract existing customers. Early adopters of EVs are already ordering new models because they understand what the improvements mean to their experience. This is a chance for you to own an EV and experience the originality of the electric car idea.

If you are a young driver living with family, a used EV would be the best choice because of the cost efficiency. The fact that you won’t be spending time and money at the garage to replace oil, brake pads among other ICE fundamentals, it is ideal for a young family with low budget.

If you are considering to buy a second car for more convenience in your family, a used EV will be the best option. No one has to get stranded or inconvenienced because the car is out or you are going to different directions.

You don’t have to save for a year, a used EV will suffice all your convenience and efficiency needs.

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  1. I saw a Tesla being reviewed on Youtube by this tech vlogger and I got totally interested in getting one myself. But I felt like I didn’t want to be limited with just a Tesla knowing there are actually other good options out there. I am definitely a young driver living with family so this would be a good fit to me.

  2. Well, I’ve been reading around the blog learning more about electric vehicles so yeah it’s great that you covered why buying a used one would be helpful. Although if you could give tips on how to check what a good used car for buying would be, I would definitely want to learn about that. I’m not exactly the most car savvy so I’m just doing all the research I can.

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