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Why EV Conversion Kits Are Used for Car

Anyone who is a car enthusiast would want to try out new and great things for it. Be it making your car faster using a supercharger or getting new and up to date brakes, every driver does it all for it as we all know that the future of the automobile is electric. Moreover, everyone wants to cut the expense of automobile s much as possible and going electric is quite convenient in these terms.

Converting your car into fully electric not only saves energy but proves to be quite exciting to drive as well. Moreover, it is absolutely noise free, so, when you wake up early in the morning to go to work, your neighbors will thank you to not making and sound. Well, there are numbers of pros of using EV conversion kits. Let’s discuss in detail

Benefits of using EV conversion kits:

1. Maintenance free

Using the EV conversion kits, you can cut the costs of car maintenances as well. It requires to tunings, no oil changes, no services or any re-building it.

2. Stronger breaks

Wisely designed systems with the brakes being regenerative these kits help your car brakes to be stronger and faster. It will also make them last ten times longer than ever.

3. Eco-friendly/ less smog

These conversion kits do not emit carbon dioxide like the old combusting cars did. Thus, they prove to be environment-friendly too. The mechanism of the electric conversion kits require energy generation from the solar or some other renewable source like air, coal or wind, that does not create any pollution. While this mechanism is not prevailing everywhere but most of it is designed this way. It also reduces the production of smog, which is hitting urban areas wrongly proving to be hazardous for human health.

4. Economical

Since the fuel, petrol, and gas prices are increasing day by day, using the EV conversion kit can be less expensive. Since the resources to handle the mechanism are cheap, it becomes pocket-friendly as well.

Things to consider

But, there are a few things that need to be considered for converting your car from combustion to electric.

1. Hire a professional or do it yourself?

First of all, check whether you are going to do the processes all alone by yourself or higher an expert to do this. Doing it on your own will surely give to utmost satisfaction but, you will not be sure that whether you did it correctly or not?

On the other hand, hiring a professional will cost you little bucks, but it will not only save your time, but things will be handled and placed accordingly and professionally.

2. Which vehicle is going to be converted?

Now you have to decide which vehicle are you going to convert? The reason for considering this point is that the EV depends on the sizes of each car. If a big car (for example 8000 lb) is being converted than bigger motors and batteries are needed for EV’s, and they cost, you a little higher too.

3. What about regenerative brakes?

Adding regenerative brakes along with your EV is entirely up to the owner. Adding regenerative brakes can add up 10% more range to your brakes. If you are a frequent traveler in an urban area, then this is going to help you a lot whereas, if you drive less and mostly on highways than it is not going to make much difference. So, decide accordingly.

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