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What You Should Know About Electric Vehicles And Why You Should Have One – EV i Power
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What You Should Know About Electric Vehicles And Why You Should Have One

The electric vehicle is a leading technological breakthrough in the world today. An electric vehicle (also known as an electric car) is an automobile that is powered or propelled by electricity which is usually stored in rechargeable batteries.

The importance of electric vehicles cannot be overemphasized. Because of the use of fossil fuel, we have experienced things such as an increase in oil prices, climate change, global warming and air pollution which has affected every land in one way or another. The need for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in our environment has largely influenced and given rise to the emergence of electric vehicles. We should all know that electric vehicles are the future of automobiles in this 21st century.

Governments are putting a lot of funds to research ways to develop and make electric vehicles more efficient for our use. Over time, several national and local governments have given tax subsidies to ensure that electric vehicles are more affordable for everyone. Since electric vehicles, as a means of transportation, have come to stay, what should you keep in mind when getting an EV? They are EV charging, portable EV chargers and EVSE’s.

EVSE and Portable EV Chargers

EV charging, which can also be called electric vehicle charging, is the process through which we charge our electric vehicles. EV (electric vehicle) charging is basically done when you plug your car to a charger that is connected to an electric grid. We do this at the electric vehicle charging station which is also called electric vehicle supply equipment or EVSE. The electric vehicle supply equipment or the EVSE charges vehicles plugged to it with electricity from the power grid. Charging may be fast or slow depending on the station, type of batteries and location.

Initially, owners of electric vehicles made use of EV (electric vehicles) charging stations to recharge their batteries. Now, Due to the advancement in technology, portable EV chargers have been created and massively promoted. So, you don’t have to drive to the EV stations in order to charge our vehicles. With portable EV chargers, we can do that from the comfort of our homes and even on the go. Portable EV chargers are getting cheaper and better with different types emerging daily. Nowadays, all we have to do is to simply choose the one that is best suited for charging our electric vehicles.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

How can an EV be important or beneficial to us? This can be seen in what electric vehicles have to offer. Electric vehicles are easier to purchase and maintain than gas-powered vehicles. They are also easier to run as you spend less recharging your batteries than filling your gas tank at the gas station. Electric vehicles are better for our health and environment as they lead to lesser emissions of greenhouse gases which leads to cleaner air for us to breathe and protection of the ozone layer. With new technologies coming out daily to make the electric vehicle experience a better one for us, why don’t you get one today and choose to be part of the experience?

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  1. I dislike how damaged our earth already is. Any measure to stop or at least lessen us hurting our earth I would gladly accept. Right now I am leaning to electric vehicles for this strong reason. Global warming is not a pretty thing and if you don’t think it’s a serious issue, wait til you either summer too much heat or too much cold and you’ll understand how important it is to think about the consequences of our own actions.

  2. Maintenance is a big factor for me, and now I know how much easier to maintain an electric vehicle is. Thanks for this informative post, very useful. Have been reading around your blog, glad I was able to come by this. I’ve been really nerdy and research-y lately trying to get more information on energy saving. Also am very interested in buying an electric vehicle real soon.

  3. Where do these electric vehicles rank when it comes to comparing them with gas-powered vehicles in terms of their cost? If these vehicles are expensive, but they help save gas-cost, they may not be that cost-effective after all when looking at the bigger picture.

  4. When you say that electric vehicles are easier to maintain than gas-powered vehicles what do you mean? Are you just referring to the cost of recharging versus gas or are they easier to repair than gas vehicles? I don’t know that much but I’m trying to learn more

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