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Top 4 Ways to Conserve Energy – EV i Power
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Top 4 Ways to Conserve Energy

Finally you can pay your bills comfortably!

If you survive from paycheck to paycheck, it might not always be about income levels. Even if your boss decides to surprise you with a raise, you will be in the same frustration in 3 months. In most cases, our daily practices and choices on energy attribute to most of our expenses. Energy conservation should be your first concern in improving your life with regards to expenditures. Making wise decisions on your type of installations and considering some energy efficient tips is the answer to control of your finances.

Here are some tips you should consider to conserve energy:

Cut down on water heating

One of the major energy expenses in homes is water heating. First, you should consider installing an energy efficient heater to help in cutting on expenses. Also, you can opt for cold water in some cases where you can to reduce the heating frequency. Another way of reducing water-heating expenses is turning off the thermostat. A smart way to keep warm water running in your home without spending much on bills is insulating the first six feet of your pipes to maintain the temperature.

If you think the best option is replacing your water heater; consider the size of your family, frequency of water heating, type of fuel and longevity of service. You should calculate how much you will save by installing the new water heater. If you have a large family, tankless water heaters will be cost effective but not efficient.

Energy efficient windows

Windows can save your energy expenses by a significant percentage. The type of windows determines how much heat goes in and out.

You should customize your windows depending on where you live. If you are in cold regions, consider filling your windows with “low-e” coatings to reduce heat loss. Also, you can shop for the best storm windows for a lifetime service. If possible, repel a percentage of cold on the outside and retain as much heat on the inside.

If you live in warm of hot regions, find suitable low-e coatings that will reduce heat gain. The coating reflects heat from the outside thus reducing thermal energy and light in the home. Windows can also help in diffusing heat from inside the house. Other window options include shutters, shades, awnings, and screens for extra insulation from external temperatures.

With these, you can reduce need for air conditioning thus saving on energy.


Cracks and leak largely contribute to extreme heat and cold in homes. The windows, doors, and vent in your home attribute to air leaks that necessitate regular heating or cooling. Sealing these cracks can help reduce your cooling and heating expenses by a huge margin. Find an expert to check on your doors and windows to ensure they properly sealed; even with small cracks have a huge impact when air leaks through them for a long time.

Caulk is the easiest way of sealing cracks between stationary objects; these include window frames and walls. For moving objects like doors and windows, consider weather stripping to keep the air out. Check on the plumbing, ceiling, ducts, as well as electrical wiring to ensure all leaks are sealed.

The first step to saving on your energy expenses with sealing is identifying the cracks. The small openings in your home interior that seem harmless may be the reason you are spending a lot in cooling and heating. It might be about air coming in or escaping. If you are living in a cold region, you should be concerned about hot air escaping through the vents. Make sure your attic is properly insulated. Weatherization requires you to be thorough to reap the benefits within one year with respect to savings.

Daily chores

Saving on energy and cutting on expenses might not be about purchasing energy efficient bulbs or working with experts in fixing your walls. Your day-to-day behaviors have a lot to do with energy expenses. Wash dishes by hand and hang clothes to dry instead of turning on the dryer.

Energy saving protects the environment and saves you money.

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  1. Personally for me I don’t think this is just about saving on your bills but also helping mother earth. Also, these kind of tips are kind of useful as well when you want to be mindful of your environment. Intentional living!

  2. I really believe in the windows! I really requested the architect and those who built our house to maximize bringing in light to the house naturally, ergo using sunlight. I am very happy with the results and it definitely helps me save on electricity. I also invested on good energy saving stuff like energy efficient lightbulbs and the like. Thanks for the tips!

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