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The Revolutionary 2018 NIO ES8 Electric Vehicle – EV i Power
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The Revolutionary 2018 NIO ES8 Electric Vehicle

The ultimate driving experience has, for some time, been hindered by the fact that the increase in transportation correlates with climate change. Such a phenomenon sparks revolution: the 2018 NIO ES8 Electric Vehicle provides drivers with a safe, reliable, and forward-thinking experience at a surprisingly affordable cost. Compared with other vehicles of its class, this car is the first in many categories, including AI, power, and safety. This article is a review of the vehicle, to include a summary on the appearance and special features and driving experience.

Appearance and Special Features

The car comfortably seats seven, as the wheelbase, which is the longest in its class, creates a space comparable to living rather than riding. The seats are “lounge-seats,” with a child mode feature. The ES8 is the first vehicle to flaunt an all-aluminum design, which is an added safety feature unlike any other vehicle on the market.

The passenger seat can recline with a footrest. NOMI Mate rests on the dashboard and responds to the driver. The cloud, which is similar to that of Siri, operates the vehicle, for instance, a passenger could request the window down. The interior is designed with a mix of Nappa leather and plastic.

Perhaps the most significant special feature is the AI system called NOMI, which is the first in-car AI system. NOMI talks, listens, and otherwise interacts with its driver and passengers, and the emotion engine creates an intuitive-driven, friendly atmosphere. Another smart feature is NIO Smart, which is an advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) and includes the Mobileye EyeQ4 system. In other words, this feature aids drivers on the highway, in traffic jams, and during emergency braking. For instance, NIO Pilot boasts a system of 23 sensors, including 12 ultrasonic sensors, a trifocal front-facing camera, four surround exterior cameras, five millimeter-wave radars, and a drive monitor camera. In addition, NIO’s cloud connects to power and vehicle servicing options to provide increased reliability and stress-free services. An added bonus is the smart air feature, which includes a HEPA filter and a negative ion generator.

Battery Power and NIO Power

The battery life of the 2018 NIO ES8 Electric Vehicle can go 500 kilometers at a constant speed of 60kph. The car is equipped with NIO Power, which is a three-minute battery swap. The batteries provide 480 kilowatts of power and 840 Newton meters of torque to the wheels. Not to mention, the 2000-charge lifecycle is made possible because of the 70-kilowatt-hour liquid-cooled battery pack. The vehicle can be charged in several ways. In China, charging stations scatter the land, and these DC fast chargers can charge an empty battery in one hour. The onboard charger takes ten hours to charge from empty.

Driving Experience and Ownership

The vehicle is extremely quick to accelerate, though it is not designed to be a sports car. It steers lightly, accurately, and smoothly, and brakes softly and gently, according to test drivers from Leasehackr. In addition, the blind spot sensors have, so far, proven to be helpful and reliable.

Maintenance is required either once per year, or every 20,000 kilometers (whichever comes sooner). Just owning the car gives drivers 8GB of LTE data per month for the duration of the vehicle’s life.

Advantages of the 2018 NIO ES8 Electric Vehicle

The vehicle’s cutting edge technology is an added advantage compared to other vehicles both in and out of its class. These include safety and comfort features that, so far, have proven dependable and useful to drivers and passengers alike. Not to mention, the eco-friendly nature of yet another car on the road is, though still a step, at least a step in a more conscious direction.

If living in China, the NIO ES8 is a practical vehicle considering the ample number of recharging stations. In other parts of the world, owning and operating a vehicle may prove more difficult.

Disadvantages of the 2018 NIO ES8 Electric Vehicle

The charging range is, though impressive, not completely conducive to longer-range driving needs. Longer trips are even further hindered by the availability of charging stations, and enough time to wait to charge up. Added features such as solar or wind charging apparatuses might be a consideration for future renovations. In addition, the interior, while luxurious, does not quite meet the high-end look of more common luxury cars like Tesla, BMW, and Mercedes.

The cost of the vehicle is very appropriate for its competition in China, but would be considered on the more pricey end by American consumers. Priced at $69,790 (including the battery; $54,210 excluding the battery with the option for a battery subscription at $199 per month), this car compares to Mercedes at $40,050 and Tesla at $79,500. A purchaser could also spend $15,610 to purchase the Founders Edition, which provides even more options.


The 2018 NIO ES8 Electric Vehicle is groundbreaking in its class. Owned by the NIO start-up and very new to the market, the vehicle is still being tested and explored for changes, improvements, and innovations. The SUV-type vehicle creates more of a living-space environment rather than a car, and therefore, while the driving range is somewhat limited by battery capacity, is a luxurious car for a family road trip. The opportunity to test-drive is limited, though if interested in purchasing, a buyer can place a deposit of $782 through the NIO app and be in the loop for updates and opportunities.

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  2. It would be great if you can share an image for the Revolutionary 2018 NIO ES8 Electric Vehicle in this post. When I read the article, I was looking for an image so I searched it up on Google and I really liked the design! It has a sleek look and definitely looks spacious too. Has sale started for this EV?

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