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The Positive Impacts of Electric Cars – EV i Power
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The Positive Impacts of Electric Cars

Electric vehicles are made the new trend in the vehicle market. I would also say a much-needed trend. The idea of charging up your car using electricity is not a new one. For a very long time, people are working on an individual basis to bring the idea to real life. As the first person succeeded in achieving the goal, it became a trend, and many people started working to turn their own usual cars into electric ones. The idea was widespread, and a detailed guide on turning your usual car into a DIY electric car is available on the internet if you are looking for an activity this summer break. If you are not the kind of person who is into the car’s stuff and all, then that’s not a problem. Electric cars are manufactured on a commercial basis and are available for you to enjoy. Some of the best electric cars available in the market include Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X.

Advantages of Electric Cars:

The electric car has a number of advantages over the usual cars for not only the users but for everyone around the world. Few of them are discussed below:

Cost-effective: The electric car is highly cost-effective as it doesn’t need you to fill up gasoline every other day. Running cars on petrol, diesel or gasoline is very time-consuming as well as money eating. You can just free yourself from the tension of filling up the fuel.

Environmental impact: Electric cars have a major impact on our environment. The usual cars need to burn up fuel to keep moving, and hence they have a very negative effect on the environment. It adds up in air pollution and leads to global warming with the passage of time. This is one big factor which leads to the immediate acceptance of this idea, and many companies started producing electric cars on a commercial level. It is also the one big reason that made an increase in electric car incentives.

Time and anxiety saving: Getting your car fueled, besides being costly is also time-consuming. You have to add up the fueling up time in your routine time required to get to the office in order to reach the office on time when you have to get your car fueled. All of this just adds up to the anxiety level which is, if you ask me, useless and really the unneeded one. We all have enough stress and anxieties in life that we just don’t need these extra sidelines. While using an electric car, you can free yourself up from all of this hassle. You just park your car at night. It will charge up during the night, and in the morning you can take it out ‘completely fueled up.’ Feels good, right?

Light speed: The electric cars offer a very high speed as compared to the usual cars. These are powered by electricity, and that just makes it a lot easier in increasing the speed and the performance of the car.

Tesla electric cars

Tesla being the pioneer in the electric cars have gone a long way and now has one of the best electric cars to provide you with. These cars have a battery life which could end up a lifetime. This feature besides many others makes Tesla the best brand among all the brands of electric cars available in the market. Tesla is aimed at making the acceleration in the world’s transition to sustainable energy. For this purpose, they are not just making electric cars but are also giving their best in the manufacturing of solar panels. Tesla is directed at providing renewable energy sources for homes and offices.

Tesla’s Federal Income Tax Credits:

Following federal income tax credits are available to those who buy a new Tesla Model X, Model S or Model 3.

The federal tax credit equals to $3,750 is provided for vehicles delivered from January 1 to June 30, 2019, and a tax credit equals to $1,875 is available for vehicles delivered from July 1 to December 31, 2019.

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