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The Pioneer of the Electric Car’s Battery Life

When you talk about electric cars, the first few questions that usually come to the minds of people are:

“How many miles can the car run before you have to recharge?”

“How much time does it take to recharge?”

“How often do we have to change the battery?”

“How much would the battery cost?”

These are all valid and good questions. But the fact is, the battery is not that big a problem that you think it is. Cars usually run at least a hundred miles before they have to recharge. The thing about electric cars is that previously the battery would work for a few years and then it will knock out, hence needing you to spend a lot of money on changing the battery every few years. This was a major setback as it technically is not less costly. What’s the use of saving money of the gasoline when you have to spend it on the battery? But now things have changed. You won’t need to change the battery especially if you are using Tesla.

About Tesla

Tesla is an automotive company which is based in America and was founded in 2003. The CEO of the company is non-other than the famous Elon Musk. Elon Reeve Musk is an engineer and technology entrepreneur. Besides being the product architect, CEO and the co-founder of Tesla Company he is also a lead designer of SpaceX. Elon Musk’s company, Tesla is aimed at accelerating the world’s evolution to sustainable energy. For this purpose, they are creating solar panels, electric cars, and integrated renewable energy solutions. The recent development is in the field of self-driving cars which is still under constant development. The field is really an innovative one and will change the ways of life completely.

Tesla’s Battery Life

Tesla is the best choice when it comes to saving up money in the battery. It is known to give the longest battery life as compared to any other company. It actually runs longer than you ever had imagined cornering all your battery concerns by the wall. This is the list of Tesla automobiles and the highest mileages covered by them based on the information provided by InsideEVs

Models Miles

S P85 420,000

S 90D 410,000

X90D 330,000

X90D 315,000

X 90D 250,000

These figures justify the title perfectly; Tesla surely is the pioneer when it comes to battery life.

The capacity of Tesla’s batteries remain high and it is also expected that the Tesla battery life is so long that all the other parts of the car could become a wreck before the battery runs out.

Tesla’s Battery Capacity

All the fears about battery life are nothing else than ill-informed self-generated ideas. According to a survey carried out by the European contingent of Tesla owners in which they surveyed 350 Tesla drivers reveals very positive results. The real Tesla drivers report only a 5% reduction in the battery capacity after covering a large distance of 50,000 miles. After that, the rate of the reduction of battery capacity drops remarkably. On average, it is reported that cars which reached the 160,000 miles mark still have their 90% battery capacity left. Projecting forward based on the information gained from the real world it is highly expected that the battery would indicate 80% battery capacity left even after they reach the 500,000 miles mark.

The out of the box thinkers

In the world of today, it is extremely important to think out of the box to come up with new ideas and it is no doubt that it is easier today to bring your imaginations to life than it was a couple of decades ago. In the today’s fast moving world and the new advancements in technology on daily basis, only the unique and imaginative thinkers can be the ones who are successful as they can always find a way out of every problem.

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