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The Heart Of Electric Vehicles

With rising gasoline prices, concerns and effects of global warming, and more and more people using cars to get from place to place, now has never been a better time to think about giving up the gas-guzzler and going electric.

An informative and practical guide to understanding, owning, or getting an electric car, The Heart of the Electric Car not only looks at the history of electric cars but also provides answers to questions that you might not have thought to ask. Electric cars are cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable than ever, and author Evi Power explores the pros and cons of having an electric vehicle, environmental concerns, safety, and more. Having an electric or hybrid car isn’t the right choice for everyone, but if enough people seriously consider making the change from gasoline to electric the potential benefits for the environment and everyone else around us could be phenomenal.

If you are just interested in learning more about electric cars or even considering buying one The Heart of the Electric Vehicle is a perfect companion!

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