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Tesla Cars: Expensive but Efficient and Reliable – EV i Power
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Tesla Cars: Expensive but Efficient and Reliable

Everything is changing at a fast pace with the changing time. Time is flying, and we see that new inventions are made for the betterment of human beings of which ‘Electric cars,’ are of great importance. In the old days, some vehicles used to run on petrol and gas and had some drawbacks. Then Honda Company introduced a car called “a hybrid,” which means a combination of two things. But the result didn’t turn out well and then Tesla introduced electric cars for better convenience.  

Working of an electric car: 

Tesla introduced some models of electric vehicles at different Tesla prices. These cars have more efficiency than those cars that run on fuel. Electric as the name suggests that it runs on electricity either it is renewable energy or non-renewable. Here renewable energy stands for solar power. And it is better to charge these cars by arranging a system of the solar panel then by loading it on domestic electricity because it saves money.  

Price of Tesla cars: 

Some people commented that it is better to buy a fuel car than an electric one. The reason that they gave was that fuel cars are cheaper than electric ones. You can buy a fuel car at just $2500 while an electric car costs you more than $4500. But when they were told fee thugs about electric vehicles, they changed their mind and said that they made a wrong decision buying a fuel car. So, let’s discuss some of the positive things that these people were once told, and they decided to change their cars and switch to electric vehicles.  

1)    Costly but efficient 

Although, electric vehicles are expensive once you buy it you save the income of the rest of your life. The efficiency of electric cars is far better than the fuel ones. When you start or drive an electric car the first thing that you notice is that it produces no noise at all. In winters when you begin a fuel car, you have to let it warm up before you drive it, but in case of an electric vehicle, no such thing required. These cars have a very low risk of explosions as compared to the other vehicles and a very few chances of it to roll over because it has a small center of gravity. Their pickup too is rapid and smooth 

2)    Fewer health issues 

Electric cars have no emissions, or you can say zero emission at all. They are not polluting the same fuel cars which emit toxic compounds that are becoming a cause for some diseases. We are living in an era where cars have become a need of every common man. So as the number of vehicles is increasing the disease rate is rising too. Some people are becoming victim of anxiety and frustration. Polluted air makes it difficult for one to breathe and so some people are seen paying visits to doctors daily. 

3)    The decrease in global warming 

If we start using electric cars instead of fuel ones, then we can save the ozone layer from depletion which is a significant cause of global warming. Ice is melting as the bad days of sun are entering earth directly because of the depleted ozone layer. This melting of ice is leading to floods, and these floods then destroy lives if some people and cause immigration. So to stop the production of these greenhouse gases, it is necessary to give up on fuel car 

4)    Saving natural resources  

Electric cars may help us to protect our natural resources. The increase in the number of fuel cars had caused more exploitation of natural resources like terrible petroleum gas. So, the best way to save these resources is to switch to electric vehicles because they charged by artificial supplies and can utilize renewable sources too. 

5)    Less maintenance and performance vehicles  

Electric cars are easy to keep as compared to fuel cars. Firstly, fuel cars need proper maintenance by changing oil and battery. But electric car’s battery usually lasts for more than 16 years, and they have lesser parts, so fewer fixations are required.  

No doubt, one may say that electric cars are expensive as compared to fuel ones but when one looks at the positive things that entrusted in these cars. Since a long time, Tesla has been making a number of some vehicles and cars at low prices are available in the market. And buying an electric car is no more a dream as they are available at reasonable prices in the market.
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