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Solid State Batteries of Best Usage – EV i Power
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Solid State Batteries of Best Usage

It is a new technology of battery, in which both solid electrodes and solid electrolytes are used. There are no liquid or polymer electrolytes found in, like lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries. The solid-state battery has a high energy density, their safety measurements are also increased, and they have long lasting life.

Solid state batteries have very high-power capacity to enlighten everything or every place. They are now considered a significant achievement for a human. They also have high stability as well with the help of “Sno2” embedded nonporous carbon.

Charging and Discharging

Ions flows through the electrolyte between the electrodes: from a cathode to anode when charging, and back again when discharging. So this show their charging is fast enough and took less load of electricity and this could also save are electrical energy. From which we find fewer electricity bills. However, this is an entirely new technology for a battery, and that could have a significant and high impact over globalization. As we already talk about their life as well due to this new technology their battery life is excellent and long lasting, its anode and cathode have a less charge and movement of ions are highly stable. So it helps in a decrease in discharge.

The positive and negative electrodes are made up to metal and some other organic material, while the electrolyte is also made up of metal like materials, hence which found their central units are solid.


As we already talk about on their benefits, they have long-lasting battery life, and much more good experience of safety form in these, they are very fast in their battery charging and low in discharging and better experience from the other kind of batteries in the market.

They have achieved significantly in safety like, they are much safer because they don’t have any toxic liquid which spills, they have no heating problems like the other conventional once have, due to their faster battery charge the ions pass faster from cathode to the anode, which really helps to stable up the current situations in it and also to prevent them from heats.

From Scientist research, a solid state battery performs in charging 400% from the other type of, and moreover, they are 200% safer than the other cells, and in terms of stability, they are 10th times more strength able than the other once.


Well I have seen no difficulties for a solid-state battery, but still, there is a significant disadvantage known as the cost. What I have heard about they are too much expensive like a big piece of diamond. However, due to research in a university, they conflict that if a mobile battery is made up of solid state, it would cost 16000$ and if a solid state battery made for a car to put in it would cost 120000$. So as you see it is so much expensive.

But still, there are lots of companies which are investing in the complete research for this solid-state battery; one of the cars company says it will come out in 2021.

We are listing nowadays that electronics cars, robots and many other things are in the process of making and many of its accomplished as well. So, in these types of technologies, we should have a high power battery with excellent stability, proper charging and all stuff like that. The companies are doing their best to put a solid-state battery in a car as soon as possible. Also, the Toyota Company says that they will have this battery in their model of 2019 or 2020.

There are many cases in the World which have proved that other batteries are dangerous that can explode; those are flammable and have high heating problems. As we should have a solid state battery but at a lower price in the markets, it is a massive achievement for the world.
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