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Modern Electric Energy Suppliers EVSE – EV i Power

Modern Electric Energy Suppliers EVSE

What does EVSE stand for?

EVSE stands for electric vehicle supply equipment. They are used to supply energy to electric vehicles. They are known as EV charging stations, EV charging points or just charging points. They are safety charging stations for the users, vehicles and power grids. Typically, these get installed to a fixed location, with the effect of limiting where you have to charge your car.


Adapters are devices used for connecting pieces of equipment that cannot be compared directly.

EVSE adapters are now standard in use. You can use them for charging your EV when there is no outlet to charge your Electrical vehicle. These chargers are must for travelers because you never know what outlets you may encounter when you need to charge.

These adapters are designed in such a manner that they can easily plug into your standard charger and allow you to plug into the outlets like generators, welder outlets, and RV campgrounds.

Types of EVSE Adapters:

With the advancement in technology, high-speed, comfortable and easy equipment is used to make human life much more comfortable. EVSE adapters have a wide range, and some major of them are as follows:

1) NEMA 6-50 (Adapters for Welders and EV’s)

2) NEMA 14-50 (Adapters for EV’s)

3) Tesla Model S and X

4) Gen 1 Charging Adapters

5) Tesla model S/X/3

6) Gen 2 Charging Adapters

7) EV chargers and EVSE’s

8) NEMA 6-20 Adapter

9) International EV Adapters

10) Adapters for RV’s

Fields for Use:

They are different adapter cords to serve electric car drivers, welding professionals, RV enthusiasts and anyone who needs an adapter to power your equipment.

Trips in Electric Cars:

• Nowadays most of the people prefer short distance to travel due to the insufficient power or fuel sources. The invention of adapters solves the problem.

• They are a convenient way to charge and supply power to the vehicles in the midway when no other outlet is available for power supply. Any standard cord can use for this very purpose. Nowadays in many RV parks, the power outlet is available. By calling or texting you can get an easy way to recharge your Electric Vehicle and in return, you have to pay some amount of money. Also, there are some small and light forms of EVSE’s which are easy to carry within the vehicle and can use at the time of need.

• Electric cars cannot use the regular power outlets because when we plug into any general power outlet, the power that deemed would be unsafe for use. This problem can efficiently resolve if we plug into the Electric power stations, i.e., EVSE’s.

• The EVSE’s have a power cord without a plug. By turning the insulation off and inserting the wire or shafts into the power plugs in the correct order will start the charging process. Special instructions provided with the EVSE’s, and by following them, we can get efficient work from them.

For Welding purposes:

• EVSE’s are used in welding fields, as the welding process requires high power withdrawal that’s why such cords used for this purpose.

• EVSE’s including NEMA (14-50), NEMA (14-30), NEMA (6-50) and NEMA (16-30) preferably used in welding fields.

• Due to high power consumption, high-quality EVSE cords are used that can have the endurance for a long time.

RV enthusiasts:

• RV stands for ‘Recreational home,’ ‘Recreational Vehicle’ or ‘Recreational Vocation.’ In RV’s, EVSC’s are an easy source of charging the vehicle and power supply for other equipment or accessories used in the vehicle.

• By the use of EVSE’s long tours become easy. And trips can be extended from days to months or so.

Why should we prefer EVSE’s?

• They are easy to carry.

• They are affordable for any charging outlet.

• They can use for a long time.

• They are suitable for carrying out any purpose.

• They can use with conventional chargers.


Due to the smooth and efficient work EVSE’s are used worldwide especially in UK and US. In countries, they are also coming more in use day by day. Life can be much more comfortable with its use. They are cheap and available for frequent use.
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