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Hybrid Electric Vehicles impact on Global Warming – EV i Power
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Hybrid Electric Vehicles impact on Global Warming

The Hybrid electric vehicles are those vehicles, which can be run on a battery as well as at fuel. This technology takes into account advances technology, which reduces the consumption of fuel and increases the performance of vehicles. There are many cars, trucks and other vehicles nowadays which were running on this hybrid system.

How it works

The hybrid Electric system works on battery as well as on fuel. If we talk about the hybrid car when the car ends, start then the car as in hybrid mode after gaining some speed it goes to fuel combustion mode like its fixed on certain speed limits. When the car reaches its limit speed, it will automatically shift the car on to the fuel mode. Every car has its own limit of the speed. Like some shift when they reached on 60kmp, some has the limits of 100 as well above 100 the car goes automatically shifts to the fuel combustion mode. Another thing is this when the car starts. The car is on the battery which we called on hybrid mode. when the car is on the hybrid mode you will feel less amount of noise creating of the car, and at that stage, the fuel combustion is zero but it the speed goes above the limits it could always change to fuel mode. it has another major function which is that when the car goes stop, the car engine automatically off due to we save fuel and pollution, but its air conditioning units or music players sort of thing still working because it shifts to a battery.

Fuel Average

We have seen that fuel average in hybrid cars is perfect because it’s up to you if you want to speed up your vehicle its shifted to the fuel mode and your fuel goes out, and if your car speeds are under the limits then your cars produce zero fuel. So it will help you to save your fuel instead of burning. As per these cars if you are using your car while as in daily routine like you goes to office from home and you are running your car under the speed limits, and sometimes you race your car. So, it will be excellent when your car burns lower fuel. Hence you have saved your lots of fuel.

Regenerative braking is another fuel-saving feature. This system allows some of the energy to be captured, turned into electricity and stories in the batteries.

Maintenance and Pricing

Yes, their support is costly special the maintenance required in the battery is expensive, and sometimes battery left working, then you need to change it, this change of battery can cause you very expensive. Also, the total value for that type of car is very expensive as well only because of their batteries; their prices kept higher.

Marker low

Nowadays their market is running slow because they are expensive to maintain. so from that reason, their market value has been decreased done. one of the big things is these cars still do the combustion and form gases in the air. so we need to configure out some proper result for this, now the new technology can work without gasoline, diesel, etc. So that why their market value is going down and down.

Global warming

Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) could be a good short term option to help achieve global targets regarding road transport greenhouse gas emissions. Several standards and country-specific public policies based on price or tax rebates are established in order to encourage the adoption of HEVs. So due to that, we have not found a complete solution for cars to set up at that momentum. Global warming can be caused millions of diseases, are eatables are also gone trashed out. There is more happening from global warming. Hence we have to stop it by making changes in every place.

Now there are technologies inventing those vehicles are entirely, or fully electrical based and their all functions will be run by only from an electric battery.
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