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How convenient is it with an Electric Vehicle? – EV i Power
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How convenient is it with an Electric Vehicle?

You can’t hide from technology. Either you adjust your lifestyle or it will forcefully change you. Electric cars are here and on the rise. Of course, there is a lot of criticism and debates going on about their environmental impact and efficiency but has not changed the fact that it is taking over the market.

However, before you jump in with the trend, you need to familiarize with fundamentals of the car and evaluate whether it is suitable for your needs. It might be the best innovation of the century but different from your lifestyle.


It is important to know if there is any difference with your ICE car and if the change will help you in any way. Here are some distinguishing features of EVs you should know.

Cost efficient

I know you dread power bills, it should be far from your concern with EVs. Unlike common belief, electric vehicles are less costly to maintain than petrol. The cost of refueling your car with petrol is higher than recharging your car. There is even an option of installing a home ev charging station.

Additionally, EVs operate on a regenerative braking mechanism. This means you do not need to replace brake pads after every few weeks.

Running on electric charge means you don’t need servicing the engine and replacing oil. All these are cost benefits are associated with EVs. If you are thinking EVs are costly, you have no idea. Maintenance cost should be last of your worries with an EV.

Environmentally friendly

EVs do not have an exhaust. Carbon emissions are a thing of the past in the neighborhood. If it were possible for the ICE cars to be replaced with EVs, our local towns will be free from pollution. Environment sustainability is a priority in international conferences because of carbon emissions among other pollutants. It is not a corporate concern; with time, the pollution effects will get to your doorstep. In fact, we are already victims of our own activities that destroy the environment. This is a major competitive advantage of electric vehicles.


The initial acceleration of an EV is incomparable to an ICE. While the battery pack has to warm and regenerative system to stabilize, the kinetic energy force is drawn at the first instance is greater. EVs accelerate faster irrespective of engine size.

Electric cars have enhanced center of gravity hence safety at high speeds. The battery packs are fitted on the floor of the car hence more stability even on sharp bends.


First, EVs do not require much maintenance because there is no engine oil or brake pads. You won’t spend much time shopping for the best quality of brake pads or need an expert to advise on the best engine oil. Performance of the car is not dependent on any these factors.

Construction of the car also has everything to do with convenience. The fact that there is no transmission tunnel like in ICE that runs transmissions between the seats, there is more cabin space. There is more comfort for passengers in an EV than in an ICE.

Battery pack capacity is larger than ICE fuel pumps. You don’t have to refuel every week, with a large battery pack, you can go up to 4 weeks depending on your driving frequency and style. Also, you will be free from fuel cost fluctuations. You can plan and stick to a budget for a whole year.

It is simple

The driving and skills required to drive an EV are not any special. The road control and judgment remains the same. You have to maintain all road rules and be sober when driving. The only difference comes with regenerative braking system. You have to learn the art of using accelerator pedal both as a brake and accelerator. Driving with one pedal seems scary but it is interesting. You only require few days to familiarize with the driving technique and you will be one of the pros.

Electric vehicles offer the convenience and efficiency you need with a car. There is more flexibility and less cost obligations.

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  1. Oh it’s pretty convenient it is alright. I drove one, testing out my cousin’s Kia and it was a smooth experience. It felt weird how silent everything was but I think it’s something you eventually get used to. Plus you’re saving mother earth so I guess that’s a win win.

  2. Was really considering purchasing an electric vehicle, just continually reading more about it before making a decision which company I’d like to subscribe to. I am fascinated with Tesla as I find them the ones who really started this movement in a bigger scale in terms of vehicles. Thanks for sharing the benefits about these wonderful vehicles, it’s important to get the public educated about what’s available.

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