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Honda Clarity Electric: A Wise Option or Not? – EV i Power
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Honda Clarity Electric: A Wise Option or Not?

Electric cars are becoming a modern trend now a day. People have shifted their interest from fuel cars to electric ones and hybrids. A number of companies like Tesla, Nissan had been making electric cars for a long time, and now Honda has jumped into this race. Honda has manufactured a number of hybrids including 2018 Honda clarity electric too. This car has a combination of fuel and plugin together because if you want to travel in the city, you can run it on batteries. And for a longer route, fuel engine is installed so that you don’t need to buy two separate cars.

Salient features of Honda clarity

The features of Honda clarity make it different from other cars in many ways

  1. Body

The body of Honda clarity makes it look more like Honda accord because its body is mid-sized. Its body is designed beautifully with curves and creases. It has a body similar to that of Honda civic 2017. Its tail is bit lifted, and in the trunk lid, two extra rear windows are being built for enhancing its beautiful curves. If you observe it from the side, it appears as if it is low and touches the ground while crossing a speed breaker. Its rear light and front light are designed in a sleek manner with am addition of dogs lights to make it look graceful.

  1. Charging

Its battery can be charged in 2-12 hours. To charge it fully it needs a maximum of 12 hours, but the company recommends that it should be used when it is charged 80%. If one wants to maintain the battery life, then he has to follow the instructions given by the company. It has two chargers that the company provides namely level 1 and level 2. Level 1 charger has 120volts and takes a long time to charge. While level 2 charger helps you to charge in just 2 hours having a voltage of 250volts.

  1. Accommodation

Honda Clarity is a lavish and comfortable car to travel in. It has a cabin for five people who can easily accommodate. Most of the electric cars have this defect that they are compact, but this is not seen in clarity as it is a luxurious car allowing the passengers to give a comfortable ride. It has a wide trunk, and almost all the functions can be controlled by the touch screen.

  1. Range and efficiency of clarity electric

When it comes to mileage, we find that clarity can cover only 89 miles. This coverage is too short as in other electric cars this feature has been modified and increased to 120. Few drivers have complained that when they want to go on long routes say more than hundred it first works efficiently. But the company said that usually a person normally travels 35-40 miles a day, so it is built by keeping this thing in mind. No doubt being an electric car clarity works efficiently, as it moves smoothly on the road. For people who do not find clarity electric a good option because of its mileage coverage company has offered clarity plus in a hybrid.

  1. Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)

Breaks of Honda are designed in such a way to reduce collision by altering the driver. If the system determines that it is impossible to avoid an impact, then it takes steps to reduce the severity of the collision. It will do it by simply applying the brake pressure. Another thing installed in the brakes is that a person can set the distance at which the alert should occur.

Is it a good option to buy Honda Clarity Electric?

Firstly, Honda clarity is not too much expensive for a normal buyer. A person with an average salary can purchase it easily and can save his money too. Because if he buys a fuel car then his money will be wasted, but if he buys an electric car then he can even charge it with renewable energy and save his money. Secondly, every time you travel in fuel car you check if the tank is full or not if not then you have to go to a gas station and what if the gas station is out of order? There are a number of such problems that one faces so buying an electric car is reliable as you’ll be able to charge it at home without being bothered by the problem of fuel stations. So, buying an electric car is a wise decision, and 2018 Honda clarity is no doubt a very good option in this regard.
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