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EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment): Features And Advantages – EV i Power

EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment): Features And Advantages

EVSE or Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment is the most wanted technology for our future world. The technology of electric cars have been a massive success and there are many countries where electric cars are being used frequently.

EVSE helps the electric cars to get charged safely and effectively, both for the car as well as the charger. The equipment is designed so powerfully and usable that they can communicate both the ways, that is, from vehicle to charger as well as charger to the vehicle.

Parts of EVSE and Advantages

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment consists of:

  • Level 1 supply equipment
  • Level 2 and level 3 (DC Quick charging) supply equipment
  • Connectors and other conductors that helps in connecting different parts of the equipment to the electric vehicle.

The electric vehicle will also contain an external connector part which helps in connecting with the EVSE device.

The two-way communication will help them to understand each other’s nature and requirements. The amount of charge car is in need of, the wall charge and the highest quantity of charge the car can bear. All these features are important to keep the dangers away from electric vehicles.

Another best feature of EVSE is that they have a cap on its open part so that the current they supply won’t get leaked to the wall of the car before the actual physical insertion. This cap will also take care of additional charges from affecting the surrounding rather the car insides.

Even though the EVSE is an additional feature to your budget this simple equipment will give you the advantages of safety as well as less work from the manual side. The charger adjusts itself to the power limit of the electric vehicle and this avoids the effort a person makes to focus on whether the charger is exceeding the circuit limit or not.

The older way of charging should be avoided completely where any plug can be inserted to the cars charge portal and it also will contain a single power limit as its capacity. This always affected the interest in the electric vehicle and in the market. The limitation of the charger is adjusted in such a way that the maximum charge the charger can provide sinks with the maximum charge the car will able to receive.

The EVSE system will help the technology to be more automatic and safe. These chargers enable charging up to its peak power limit and thus an emergency or necessary times lower power equipment can also be used for the purpose.

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  1. Safe and effective, that’s super important. If this can deliver what it says it can they I am all for it. Also, I would ask the same thing Grace said. Will this burn a hole in my wallet? Because if it does I might have to wait a little while before getting on this train.

  2. Is this what all electric vehicle use already? I mean it seems to be the type of equipment to make the electric vehicle safe especially for charging. But this is great information as I am about to purchase an electric vehicle real soon. Not very deep into the technicalities but this is helpful to at least have an overview.

  3. This is something new for me! For the electric supply equipment to be so powerful to safely and effectively communicate both ways is just awesome! Technology is just amazing!

  4. I have so much to learn about electric cars and this blog is so great for getting more information! Thanks for all your great content. What was the alternative to EVSE before the technology was around?

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