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EV Charging Stations Map covering the world – EV i Power

EV Charging Stations Map covering the world

EV Charging Stations are those stations where the electric vehicles do their charging. Like as we know, the electric vehicle totally depends on its battery, so its battery needs to be charged. So at those EV charging stations maps, these batteries of electric vehicles could be charged. There are companies which are having those stations are mentioned below:

The companies

There are lots of companies making that electronic vehicle like they are basically using the electronic battery equipment which has the control on every part of the vehicle like we have seen cars, trucks, mini trucks, and many more thing should come. While these companies have their EV charging stations in some countries like we have following list mentioned below:

  1. Global: Tesla, Chargepoint
  2. US: SemaConnect, EVgo, Blink
  3. UK: Chargemaster, Pod Point
  4. AU & NZ: Chargefox

As we seen above, there are some stations in some part of these countries while we have only information about the Tesla Station Globally. Hence the growth of Tesla increasing day by day and they are progressing, and they are making their self-more advance in these technologies.

EV Charging Stations

As we already talk about on Ev charging stations. The reason for making those stations is just to do a favor with every commute; your efforts are getting a bit easier. While at any time and at any place, this saying of mine is not wrong. From these stations, you will get charging any time.

Google Maps

As per the Google statement all the EV charging stations now have been shown on google maps. So the google maps have done this easier, it is now accessible to everyone.

Finding a place to top off your electric car’s battery quickly might get a little bit easier: Google announced today that it’s adding support to Google Maps for EV chargers. Both Tesla and Charge point’s global network of EV chargers will be added to the iOS and Android versions of the app starting today, with support for the desktop version of Maps coming in a few weeks.

Google Maps will also support different charging networks specific to certain countries. It will display chargers in the EVgo, Blink, and SemaConnect networks in the US; Chargemaster and Pod Point chargers in the UK; and Chargefox ones in Australia and New Zealand.


Now on there will be some application on the internet like we can say that some app will be published very soon. These apps configure out many useful things for the drivers when they need to fill up the charging of electric vehicles. They may found very useful to the drivers and have all the access to let them know about the EV charging station. There is some app found like Plugshare or we have EV charging station’s own app, they help in solving the driver’s problems by encouraging them to update their status of chargers, log problem with the tech or onsite personnel, and offer variety thing like the best timing for to come to avoid the rush hours.

On Google maps, we can check if individual charging stalls are occupied or not. That means drivers have no idea if chargers are available when they arrived at the charging point.


Google is now saying that Google is now adding EV charging stations or points app to IOS and android play store. Hence they are also improving on their app to give more suitable information and give more convenient access to those apps.

However, these electric charging stations are gaining their electricity by different energy sources like windmills. From solar and more. As same as we charge our cars from the electric charging stations, we can charge more kind of inventions exactly the same as we can charge Tesla trucks the same as the car charger.

We have many inventions form in the future to make a decrease in global gases. This kind of technology will help out us. When there is no fuel combustion form, there will be no pollution occur in the atmosphere.
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