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Energy Efficient Lighting is All Around Us – EV i Power
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Energy Efficient Lighting is All Around Us

Energy efficient lighting is the source of lighting which is more efficient or brighter than the order sources like bulbs and LEDs. For example, the lighting of nature is more efficient and powerful than the sources like a bulb and leads.

There are following main energy efficient lighting points as mentioned below:


Electricity is the major source of energy lighting. Electricity use is a significant source from which we are lighting up our homes, industries, factories, hotels, school. However, everyone in this world depends on electricity. Electricity has the main role in everyone’s life. So here are the main points from which we get electricity on a daily basis


From coal, we are producing lots of megawatt energy in the form of electricity. In various countries of the World, electricity generating from coal is big expensive because they need heavy, expensive machines to produce electricity from coal.


From windmills, we are also producing electricity but not as we are producing from coal. The production of electricity from windmills is the ancient time’s method which is using from many years. It is not an expensive technique to produce electricity as compared to coal.


We are producing almost 60% of the electricity from the water like dams. In dam water has a big pressure and there are turbines present which we get millions of watt of electricity. This method was used by many middle-class countries.


We are also producing electricity from sunlight. We have a different kind of solar panels installed from which we get electricity.


It is also a huge energy source of lighting. Sunlight considers as a big source from getting lighting energy. We have many kinds of solar panel installed from which we are getting the lighting energy, and these solar panels are very helpful on a daily basis.

Sunlight also a big source of electricity production. We are running our cars from solar energy and charging are batteries from solar energy. Sunlight is also very efficient for plants growth. like different flowers get their petals off when they emitted the sunlight.

Bulbs and LEDs

The bulbs had placed a very vital role for mankind. it is also a good energy source of lighting. Bulbs are being used for many years; they produced light energy from getting electricity. Bulbs are the main source of getting lighting energy, but their life is short. While there is another revolutionary product named as an LED. Led has more lighting energy than the bulb has and led’s life is 10th times more than the bulb life.

LEDs have many advantages. like the surface to prevent from heating, they are not get heated as compared to the build. They have more lighting energy producing ability than the bulb has and they consume lower electricity than the bulbs.

Led Bulbs

Led bulbs are newly invented. They have much more lighting power than the leads. they are also long-lasting and durable. In lab bulbs, we have any kinds of colors forms like REd, Green, blue and white.

Reduce Waste Heat

The bulbs waste lots of electricity then they produce heat. From this a rise in temperature inside room or building form. So we used new technologies like led bulbs, globe and many more to reduce electricity waste.

Choosing the right lighting option

Nowadays the technologies are enhanced today by day new inventions are formed. We just need to choose a better lighting option to reduce the consumption of electricity and these new options are also more affordable, and these also have long-lasting lives. So we have to pick up a right option for us like u see there are lots of good options like led bulbs, led globe, led tube light, and much more you just need to pick up a right option for you.

There are several types of fluorescent lighting. Compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs, have an efficacy of 60 to 70 and a lifetime of 6,000 to 10,000 hours. Linear fluorescent lighting has an efficacy of 80-100 and a lifetime of around 20,000 hours.

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