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08 Nissan Xterra ca...

08 Nissan Xterra car accidents. pls help..?  


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30/09/2019 4:44 pm  

Tonight I came to an automobile accident with my 08 Nissan Xterra.
I spun out and my driver door crashed into a light-weight pole.
My parent’s r gone for another 2 weeks and I want to fix it myself. The door is the only thing that's messed up. Does anyone know any good advice to get another door or a website that I can go to? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks a lot

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02/10/2019 2:58 am  

Do you have a lot of money? Go to a body shop. Not going to be cheap, though. If you just spun out due to ice or weather, just report it to your insurance. It’ll probably cost more than your deductible. Tell your parents. If it was because you were doing something stupid, then you need to come clean anyway.

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