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What is your opinio...

What is your opinion on Lincoln MKZ?  


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09/04/2019 3:23 pm  

I am the student that will be on October 20. I ended up with high school and came back to college from college to save money. I currently have a 02-Jaguar X-type that I like, but I have a warranty so that I have a better idea about my monthly repair/maintenance costs. I saw Lincoln MKZ in 2018. Do you think it is a small buyer, and what is your opinion on the overall product? I've immersed myself in research because it's a big investment, and I'm sure that I'm getting a great product. I drive a lot more path to consider a vehicle that has more basic features. I used to stay at the campus, I would have kept that jaguar, but since I'm traveling, I'm nervous by getting around 130 and a car owner with such expensive repair.

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15/04/2019 8:32 am  

No, the Lincoln MKZ lacks the sporty feel of many competitors, I think that the Cadillac CTS is a much zippier car, but I guess that since it's American it's likely to be more unreliable than the Volvo s60, Lexus IS or Mercedes Benz C class. so maybe you should take one of those..... LONG LIVE FERRARI!

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