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Can I use a plug-in...

Can I use a plug-in electric vehicle in an apartment?  


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15/02/2019 5:20 am  

I have a plugin port in my parking area but parking is not safe parking, which means that someone can go to, how can I be able to use plugins vehicles?

Does anyone stop it from walking and

  • unplugging the car
  • plug the thief
  • cut the cord?

Do I need a safe parking lot and/or a garage?

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15/02/2019 5:16 pm  

More than a quarter of Americans live in an apartment or condo, and nearly all of them will have a hard time owning an electric car. If owners truly want to enjoy their electric cars they are going to need a charging station at home, but if you live in an apartment it's not so easy.

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16/02/2019 2:46 am  

If it is Level 1, yes. It operates at is 120 <a class="auto-link" title="volt" href=" removed link " target="_self">volt, which is the standard household plug. Yes, you can plug an electric car into the same type of socket that powers your coffee maker, using a cord that comes with the vehicle, but it takes a long time. Depending on the battery capacity, an all-electric car can require as much as a full day or more to go from depleted to fully charged. Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs), which provide a relatively short period of fuel-free driving on a stored charge before reverting to regular hybrid operation, can take as long as 12 hours.

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17/02/2019 1:01 am  

Second question is it safe to plug in your car, while you are not able to see it or attend to it?

Can someone damage something internal?

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22/02/2019 9:21 am  

Yeah I would have the same question. Although I would think that manufacturers of these chargers have probably considered such scenario and would have designed the product to at least be safe enough in this instance. Although we can't be too sure. Would want to hear an expert opinion on this.

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