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Electric Vehicle Batteries utilize best of chemical energy – EV i Power
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Electric Vehicle Batteries utilize best of chemical energy

The vehicle is something that is a spectacular thing for people. It offers luxury in roaming here and there. The existent drawback is that they are expensive and not everyone can manage to pay for it. Also, it costs a lot to uphold your vehicles. Other than this, there is also a serious drawback of using a car as it plays a vibrant role in increasing air pollution. Some people think of giving up cars altogether, but it’s become a necessity in our daily lives so deep that we cannot stop using vehicles.

There are other ways of thwarting such acts as using “Electric Vehicle Batteries.”

Gasoline vs. Electric Vehicles

Many people have been thinking of replacing these gasoline vehicles will be replaced with electric cars also known as EV. In fact, since the 19th century, they have been around. They do not talk of the future. They already exist in the present. They are not around as the combustion engines still rule the world.

Phenomena behind Electric Vehicle Batteries

An electric vehicle battery is mainly used by utilizing chemical energy that is stored in rechargeable battery packs. Most of us are already familiar with the concept of electrochemical cells of which batteries are made of and their working. They consist of electrodes (positive and negative), and after some time, they are useless. But, the case is different in electric vehicles; their battery needs to be rechargeable. This way, they won’t need any constant replacement. In rechargeable batteries, electrochemical cells of both the halves (positive and negative) are being reversed by using the electrical energy.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturers 

Three different electric vehicle batteries have been identified by the automobile manufactures:

•    Lithium-Ion Battery

•    Lead Acid Battery

•    Nickel Metal Hydride

Lithium-ion battery came commercial in the 1990s. They have a very high density. They also have a great tendency to maintain their charge when it’s not being used. This phenomenon is known as self-discharge. They are also being used in laptops. It is due to their low maintenance and light size. They are considered to be the perfect rechargeable batteries are about as close as science has yet come to manufacture. They are also supposed to be the best candidate for future electric vehicles (EV).

Rechargeable Feature  

The lead-acid battery is considered to be the oldest kind of rechargeable battery. It seems to be around since 1859. They have been used in almost all other types of vehicles that also includes electric cars since the 19th century. It is also considered to be called a wet cell battery. It also consists of a mild solution of sulfuric acid which is placed in an open container. This battery is not considered safe. It is due to the reason of producing harmful gases. In cases like being overcharged, there is a risk that it might explode.

Nickel metal hydride battery came into commercial use in the 1980s. Like the lithium-ion battery, they also have a very high density. Other than this, they also contain no toxic materials which make it easy to recycle.
But, a rechargeable battery is useless if you don’t have any place to recharge it and use it again. The best solution can be being that to plug your electric vehicle battery the same way you connect any other cell or laptop to recharge. But, how much the recharged electric vehicle battery will run, it depends on a different number of factors. The factors can be what kind of cell you are using. This is where lithium-ion battery excels if compared with the other two batteries (Lead acid battery and Nickel metal hydride battery). Some of the cars that use lithium-ion battery are:

•    Ford Focus Electric

•    Chevrolet Bolt

•    Fiat 500e

They all are electric vehicles and use electric vehicle batteries.

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