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Electric Cars and How You Can Make One for Yourself – EV i Power
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Electric Cars and How You Can Make One for Yourself

Electric cars are a new invention in the field of making cars advanced and more efficient. Electric cars run on batteries which need charging rather than an engine running on petrol, diesel or gas. These are known to reduce the costs as they will be running on energy supplies by batteries and won’t require gasoline to fuel up the engine. The electric car is a bold step forward as it puts an end to the most unfortunate happening which the gasoline cars are up to. As the fuel burns, it emits smoke, causing pollution. The fast-growing world of vehicles and hence corruption needed something to resolve the issues and take care of the pollution problem. Electric cars are perfect in the way that they would cut out the amount of pollution being caused by vehicles.

DIY Electric car:

The idea of getting the energy to run the vehicle from electricity rather than from gasoline is not a new one. Now that the electric cars are being made commercially we won’t be requiring it, but still, if you want to build a car for yourself considering your preferences and the way you want it, you can get the job done like many other people who made themselves a personalized DIY electric car.

Steps for Building your own Electric Car

You can make your DIY electric cars by following the steps given below:

1. Acquire a suitable vehicle

At the very start, you must have to consider which kind of car you would need to have a DIY on to turn it into a useful electric car. The thing you should be careful about while selecting a suitable vehicle for your DIY is that it should be lightweight. A reliable car will require more energy to run hence giving your battery a tough time. It is also better to use the car which doesn’t have power windows and locks. These things add up weight and complications in the vehicle.

2. Removing Gasoline systems

You would need to remove everything from your car that is related to gasoline. It includes a gas tank, fuel lines, radiator, starter, engine, etc. While removing all of this stuff be careful that you don’t remove any safety gear.

3. Connections

You will have to make an adapter plate with aluminum to attach it with the transmission plate which you have taken out from the car. Now for bolting the motor and transmission plate with the adapter plate, you will need a couple of couplers. For this step, try getting help from someone in your friends or family who knows about cars enough.

4. Motor

You will need an engine to run your car. You can get one from an old garage or probably from someone you know who has one and has no use of it.


5. Batteries

The most important thing for your DIY electric car is the right set of cells. You can use 6 of the 12V batteries to get the 72V system or to make it even better go with 12 of the 12V batteries. That will make it a 144V system. You need to decide for yourself based on the space your car has to carry the batteries. You would need to get them in the rear of your car while some of them would be fitted in the front where you radiator used to be. Also, make sure to get the charger that can do the job of charging your batteries

6. Controller

This is an integral part of the conversion of the electric car. The controller is an electronic box that controls the power and the speed between the batteries and the motor. It should be understood that the higher will be the amperage of the controller the better will be the acceleration and the higher the voltage, the higher the speed.

With this, you are almost done. Just have to take care of the other small things, and you are all set to go and get your vehicle hit the roads.

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