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  • Photo of Alternative Energy: to cut down carbon emissions

    Alternative Energy: to cut down carbon emissions

    Energy is known as the basic need of any industry; it is the power derived from the utilization of physical and chemical resources. But firstly, the question arises in our mind that; what is Alternative energy? The answer is that; alternative energy is an energy source that is an alternative to fossil fuel. Although renewable resources and alternative energy appear…

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  • Photo of Important Factors Including in Clean Energy

    Important Factors Including in Clean Energy

    Rundown In the previous years, we see an expansion being developed and sustainable power sources structure. loads of vitality sources focusing on creating power and furthermore wiping out the utilization of non-renewable Clean energy sources, just as toxins, produced by such gases. Following vital impacts for clean vitality as appeared as follows. Wood Burning The consumption of wood for warmth,…

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  • Photo of What is Biomass Energy?

    What is Biomass Energy?

    It is the most basic form of resource known to humankind since a very long time. This form of energy is basically heat from burning wood in its simplest definition. Biomass which was buried billions of years ago underground is being used as fossil energy now everywhere. In present context biomass energy is far different from fossil energy as plant…

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  • Photo of Modernization and Smart Grid

    Modernization and Smart Grid

    You may have probably heard of Smart Grid from your energy provider or the news. That is perhaps all you came close to it. Background The grid refers to a network of transmission lines, substations, transformers, and other contributing tools, which deliver electricity from the power plant to households or businesses. This is what you plug into whenever you switch…

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