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Alternative Energy: to cut down carbon emissions – EV i Power
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Alternative Energy: to cut down carbon emissions

Energy is known as the basic need of any industry; it is the power derived from the utilization of physical and chemical resources. But firstly, the question arises in our mind that; what is Alternative energy?

The answer is that; alternative energy is an energy source that is an alternative to fossil fuel. Although renewable resources and alternative energy appear to be the same, they both work to cut down carbon emission; yet they are entirely different from each other, and it is quite trivial to differentiate them. Renewable energy comes from a source that is naturally occurring without human interference, while alternative energy comes from fuel cells, natural gas, waste energy that does not happen usually.

The effectiveness of Alternative energy:

The alternative energy source is better than fossil fuels because fossil fuels are non-renewable and they are limited and will one day get reduced in quantity. Coal, oil, natural gas are three types of fossil fuels which we most commonly used in our daily life. Nuclear power is an alternative to fossil fuel

Alternative energy from wind and solar energy, hydroelectricity, and biomass are efficient ways for us to use for vehicles, businesses and power homes.

Alternative Energy Resources:

There are various forms, sources, and technologies of alternative energy which are as follow:

• Wind energy

• Biomass, Biofuel, Ethanol, Wood

• Tidal energy

• Wave energy

• Geothermal energy

• Water power and Hydropower

• Other alternative energies; Hydrogen fuel, Lightening, Nuclear energy.

Biomass Energy

A Biomass refers to the organic element that stores the energy by the method of photosynthesis, but bioenergy or biomass refers to use the organic material to produce electricity. Biofuels include bio-alcohols, biodiesel, and biogas also ethanol. Ethanol is an alternative to fossil fuels.BY using plant material, animal waste, the wood, we can get the right amount of energy.

Wind Energy

Wind energy creates from solar power. Through wind energy, we can get electricity. The wind-power uses for the air flow from a water turbine, which is clean and consumes no water and requires less land.

Solar Energy:

Solar cells are used to produce electricity from sunlight. It converts light energy into electrical.

Geothermal Energy:

We can also use geothermal energy to make electricity. It is thermal energy stored in the earth.

Water Power:

It also called as Hydropower. This energy generates from fast running water or falling water.

Tidal Energy:

It is a form of energy derived from the turbines that convert the water that comes from the change in tide into kinetic energy.

Wave energy:

It is also known as ‘Ocean Wave Energy,’ it uses the power of the waves to produce electricity.

Other Alternative Energies:

Other alternative energy sources include hydrogen fuel, lightning, nuclear energy. Hydrogen is completely clean burning fuel.

Therefore, alternative energy is an excellent source to obtain power easily. Coal is an alternative to wood. Petroleum is an alternative to Whale oil. Coal gasification is an alternative to petroleum.

Pros of Alternative Energy:

• There are various advantages of alternative energy sources which are as follow;

• The alternative energy sources help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emission.

• It helps in the production of electricity, thus provides wind power for land use.

• They somehow fit to be within the range of environmentally friendly resources, because they are non-pollutant and non-contributor to global warming.

• Alternative energy is sustainable and will never run out.

• It helps in economic development and provides various jobs and business faculty.

• Solar power uses solar energy to convert sunlight into electricity.

• It is an inexpensive source in many ways to get heat and heat.

• Hydro-plants provides electricity for millions of houses.

Cons of Alternative Energy:

• There are a few disadvantages of alternative energy which has many adverse effects.

• From thousands of years, human being gets power from organic matter, ever since people started burning woods to cook food; which causes deforestation.

• When we get petroleum from Whale oil, then we faced the depletion of the Whale stock.

• It also stresses the ecosystem.

Why do we need alternative energy?

We need to use alternative energy sources because fossil fuels are non-renewable, which are the damaging environment and are expensive. While from alternative energy we can get electricity and different energies; such as coal and petroleum efficiently.

Today in most countries shortage of electricity, fuel, and gas for vehicles; we can quickly get these resources by the source of alternative energy. Many people in business in major countries are looking forward to investing in this field to improve the condition of their countries.

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