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All You Need to Know About 2018 Ford Focus Electric – EV i Power
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All You Need to Know About 2018 Ford Focus Electric

Revolutions are happening every day in the field of technology, and when talking about cars then it occurs after every minute. Soon we are about to move to the complete transformation in the industry of vehicles with the introduction of self-drive cars, driver-less cars or free cars, whatever you call it. But for now, all the significant tech aces are trying to find new ways to come over the issues being faced. One such change was made with the introduction of electric cars which will help remarkably in reducing the pollution caused by increasing the number of vehicles around the world. The pollution contributes significantly to global warming which is a significant threat in the days to come across.

With the introduction of electric cars, many big companies jumped in to build them on the commercial level. Such one beautiful piece of work is 2018 Ford Focus Electric which will be discussed in detail below.

Detailed Review of 2018 Ford Focus Electric:

2018 Ford Focus Electric is till now a rare sight to see on the streets, but it is expected that it would not stay the same shortly.


Talking about the plan the 2018 Ford Focus Electric is very similar to its older versions. It is also difficult to notice that it runs on electrons unless you mention it yourself. While the design is a handsome one on the outside, the interior could have taken a bit upgrade. The dashboard and all the controls could have been designed better to compete with the new ones coming in the market each day. The only change noticed on external is the absence of a couple of badges and the addition of the charging port door on the front left.


The performance of 2018 Ford Focus Electric is impressive. It is up till now the most silent and smooth running car among the series. It comprises of 107 kilowatts (143 horsepower) electric motor which powers the front wheels of the vehicle. It has a lithium-ion battery pack which is calculated to hold 34-kilowatt hours of energy. The car is known to have precise steering and excellent road holding. Overall driving 2018 Ford Focus electric is a pleasurable experience.

Luxury and Excellence

While talking about the height of luxury 2018, Ford focuses electric offers highly comfortable front seats but are a bit harsh when it comes to back places which were also observed in the previous gasoline versions. The dashboard and the systems are highly styled and quite busy, but once you learn it, it’s easier to get used to it. The electric version which is 2018 electric is smooth and quiet when you drive it allowing you to enjoy the delightful experience. The only significant flaw is the compromise made on the space of load bay. The onboard battery charger is placed on the floor between the rear wheel wells of the car. This decision does not allow you to have a flat level and eats up the cargo space.


The safety of 2018 ford focus is a set back as it is rated for crash safety, neither by IIHS nor by NHTSA. The last one ranked in the series was the gasoline version and was listed in 2012 which got decent scores from both entities, but those are quite aged and cannot be counted upon.


The features in 2018 Ford Focus electric are not much changed from the previous version except that the Sync 3 voice-control system is introduced instead of the much unloved MyFordTouch in earlier years. The good thing is the increase in the capacity of its battery which is rose to 115 miles from the previous 76 miles.

Fuel Economy

The electric version of Ford Focus is only powered by the battery pack recharged by the electric grid. It is also an advancement as has no tailpipe emissions and a lower carbon footprint even if charged on the dirtiest network whereas if loaded on clean systems it has near to no carbon footprint.

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