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Advancing inventing Era of Electric Tractor – EV i Power
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Advancing inventing Era of Electric Tractor

The electric tractor is the new invention, while I think so it is a great invention to support are farmers, agriculture system and crops. It is running on heavy power batteries and those batteries are especially used in big vehicles and in big energy sources.

Its battery power is “129KWH” and at high stability power and with having the automatic system, which shows battery power, ranges, health and power input or output.


Basically, it is manufactured in America, its American based 5R model, produces 402bph which controls the rear tires as we know in tractor rear wheels have been powered with the engine. So its battery shows us really good efficiency and long-lasting time, which is 5 hours continuously or covers the range 50-mile road. We can say that its battery expires time will be “Ten years” after it starts for the first time. The tractor has a strong body frame which consists of heavy nuts and bolts attached with it or pilled with it.


The tractor has the automatic braking system, let me clear one thing I am not mentioning “ABS”. Its automatic braking performs when the tractor goes on downhill it apply brakes automatically and make a bit decrease in speed. While on downhill its automatic shift the main power to tractor’s battery because for its range.

The main part of that tractor battery is that it is charged through electricity and has an ability to charge quickly. This track is a seriously great revolution in the agriculture industry. Farmer will take lots of benefit from that thing.

It’s tiring also made up of proper hard poly fibers material and had more grip, accuracy and prevented from major hits.


Today it is impossible to imagine agriculture without efficient, the innovative technology on its best. In the future, there will be further developments to conserve the world’s resources through environmentally sustainable farming. Several concepts have been developed to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels, to increase sustainability and to improve profitability. The goal of a company is to develop a fully electric agricultural machine and to enable co2 neutral agriculture.


The Multi fuel tractor allows fueling with pure vegetable oil as well as diesel. Then in 2015 Battery boost Tractor, a hybrid tractor with a battery change concept a new approach to go beyond. In 2016 this tractor is the next milestone towards “Co2-Neutral-Farming” at 100% with renewable electricity.

Exteriors and Interiors

100% fully electric with extending the electric energy supply from a few auxiliaries to an entire high-powered tractor, tractor auxiliaries like air conditioning can be run tractor off mode, low noise farming. Implements can be run in tractor off mode. Comprehensive agricultural application functionality which is easy to use. High torque at low speed. Improve efficiency, especially in partial load conditions. Allows recuperation of energy during deceleration. Grid integration increased operational time of battery 24/7. It is user-friendly and carbon neutral.

Now the next step towards emission-free farming. It has a beautiful color and has a great unique design. Well, big development for agriculture, this tractor can take up tons of load and there is no impact will be placed on the battery. Its battery is charged through windmill electricity.
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